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 Cimpro Sales Analysis / Trend Analysis Reporting Tools


Professional Programming Services is proud to introduce the latest release of our much acclaimed Sales Analysis & Trend Analysis Reporting Tool package - SAR.

System Requirements
Thoroughbred Basic Environment.
Any Operating system - (Unix / Linux Required for PPS Lightning, Fast Sort Technology.) 
Cimpro 4.25 or higher.

Key Features


Specify Top Ranking Criteria. (i.e. top 10 Customers, Items, Territories, etc.) 

Target categories based on yearly or monthly totals. (ex. Items with Sales above $10,000 or Territories with profit below $5,000, etc.)

 Include Open Orders as if it were History.

 Built-in PPS Lightning technology - Process over 23,000 records per second (see PPS Lightning).

Specify range for any category / field independent of sort criteria.

Specify any 12 Month Period (Fiscal, Calendar, last 12 months, etc.)

Compare up to 5 years in the same report.

Specify subtotals for up to 4 levels of detail.

New simplified Interface.

Further customization such as custom categories, date & or non-standard UOM conversions can be added for little or no additional cost.

Sample Reports 

bulletTrend Analysis Report (SAR1) (Html Format)
bulletScreen Shots & Sample Output (SAR1 - SAR3)  (PDF Format)


Trouble viewing .pdf files ?


We look forward to discussing our Sales Analysis / Trend Analysis package with you in further detail, as well as any other issues specific to your business needs.
For more information please feel free to contact us.


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