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PPS Support


This page contains the latest product information, documentation, and bug fixes for all PPS products.
This page will never be offered as a substitute for individualized technical support by a knowledgeable (human) PPS consultant.
If you have a problem or question regarding a PPS, Thoroughbred Basic, BBX, Cimpro or any other Business Basic product, please follow this link for our phone numbers and other contact options.



PPS Remote Training


This subsystem (See Options below) is available by appointment only.
If you would like to make an appointment to use this subsystem please contact us.
bullet1. Java based telnet page (Web-to-Host within current window)
bullet2. Java based telnet page (Web-to-Host detached full screen window)
bullet3. Download Putty.exe (Free Windows based telnet application)






Virtual Operator Introduction (vointro.pdf)


Virtual Operator Script Manual. (vosl.pdf)


SCO VisionFStm Overview (SCOVisionFS.pdf)


SCO VisionFStm Manual (vfsintro.pdf)


Re-Form Manual (PPS Reform Manual.pdf)


Re-Form Introduction (Web Based)


Re-Form Introduction (PowerPoint Show)


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