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CONVM Thoroughbred Basic, Database Search & Replace
 Conversion Utility


By popular demand Professional Programming Services is proud to release our Data-field Conversion Utility. CONVM & CONV8M

System Requirements
Thoroughbred Basic Environment Using Idol's CGLBD or Dictionary IV global data dictionaries.
Any operating systems.
Any application using Idol's CGLBD or Dictionary IV global data dictionaries.

How It Works
CONVM (used with CGLBD) & CONV8M (used with Dictionary IV) allows a system administrator to:


Search the global data dictionary for fields of a particular type and or length.


Auto-Create a List of filenames and field positions where the search & replace function will occur.


Specify a search & replace table specifying the search & replace criteria & parameters.


Specify special logic to find & manipulate the targeted data in a dynamic way.


The CONVM Maintenance Screen (see Figure 1) is divided into three sections:
bulletTop Section - Containing header information including Template Name, Description & Field Length.
bulletMiddle Section - Containing the Search & Replace Table definition. (Change this value to that value).
bulletBottom Section - Containing Files (or links) and Fields within the files that are to be affected.

In the example below  the system administrator has defined a Search & Replace Template named "ITEM" (see "CONV. NO" in Figure 1).

When this template is ready to run the program will cause the following effect on the files & fields referenced in the Bottom Section:

bulletItem Number "123-456" will be substituted with item number "ABC-456"
bulletItem Number "555-123" will be substituted with item number "DEF-123"
bulletIf Item Number does not have a "-" as the 4th character then a "-" will be squeezed in at that position.
bulletIf Item Number begins with a "z" and ends with a "-80" then replace the "z" with a "Z" 


CONV8M                CONVERT FIELDS UTILITY MAINTENANCE                12/05/00
                 2. FIELD LENGTH:  12

           CONDITION (IF V$)               ACTION  (THEN V$)
ITM   TYP  FROM VALUE                      TO VALUE
---   ---  ------------------------------  ------------------------------
001    V   123-456                         ABC-456
002    V   555-123                         DEF-123
003    C   IF V$(4,1)<>"-"                 V$=V$(1,3)+"-"+V$(4,8)
004    C   IF V$ LIKE "z*-80"              V$(1,1)="Z"

                      LINK      FLD
---   --------------- --------- --- -------- --------
001   FORMULA         180CFORM    1
002   CONST01         181CBWIP   10
003   CONST01         196CBHST    9

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Figure 1


We look forward to discussing CONVM with you in further detail, as well as any other issues specific to your business needs.
For more information please feel free to contact us.


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