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PPS Re-Form

Professional Programming Services is proud to present our laser perfect electronic forms technology - PPS Re-Form. 

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With Re-Form your legacy software can now produce, print or email, quality professional output from plain paper without the expense and fuss associated with preprinted forms. 

System Requirements
BBx or Thoroughbred Basic Environment.
Unix / Linux (all flavors including SCO, HP-UX and many more).

How It Works
With Re-Form you can design Electronic Forms using any standard Windows desktop publishing application and incorporate the resulting e-Form into any standard Business Basic application with little or no program modifications to your existing software.  

Through the use of our HP-PCL & Postscript drivers Re-Form allows your existing legacy software to reproduce and implement professional quality documents, forms & data in a single pass, on to plain paper utilizing any standard laser printer. Alternatively these documents can be redirected to Visual Printer + for archiving, faxing  and emailing as an Acrobat .PDF attachment.

Electronic Forms can be designed using any standard windows application including :


Microsoft Word.


Microsoft Publisher.


Aldus PageMaker.




Key Features

Print directly to Fax* (Hardware or Web based Fax Service).


Print directly to Email* (Attachment in .PDF Format).


Print directly to PostScript or Acrobat (PDF Format).


Print professional quality laser output using plain paper.


Eliminate the cost of fussing with the printer just to change a form.


Eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms.


Modify form layout or logo as needed without reordering forms.


Redesign forms using any Windows Program (Word, Publisher, PageMaker).


Present a consistent, professional image and Corporate Identity.

*This feature Requires Visual Printer +

We look forward to discussing PPS Re-Form with you in further detail, as well as any other issues specific to your business needs.
For more information please feel free to contact us



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