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LOX - File Busy / Record Locked Utility

Professional Programming Services is proud to offer the solution to what is arguably the must annoying and recurring problem within the BBx, Cimpro and Thoroughbred Basic communities.

Depending on the application this problem can manifest itself as a "FILE/RECORD BUSY", "FILE BEING USED BY ANOTHER TASK" or the dreaded "ERR=0 HAS OCCURRED ON LINE ..." error message. LOX will answer the inevitable question that follows i.e.,

"Ok, so who has my record locked?"
"Who is Busying up my file?!!!"

System Requirements
BBx or Thoroughbred Basic Environment.
Unix / Linux (all flavors including SCO, HP-UX and many more).

How It Works
LOX  Utilizes OS level extensions to quickly determine and display the identity of any/all users currently accessing a given file or record. (See Screen Shot)

Key Features

bulletQuickly determine who has a record locked within the specified file.
bulletQuickly determines who is currently accessing a given file.
bulletWorks with all Business Basic file types including Msort Files.

Screen Shot

LOX                  FIND AND DISPLAY FILE USAGE AND LOCKS              01/27/02
                      Licensed to (Your Company Name Here)                      
Filename: DATA/CIN/CINV1  (MSORT File (CINV1.dat))
Logname    Tty        Pid      l        Offset Data                             
---------- ---------- -------- -- ------------ ---------------------------------
agenzen    ttyp9      12541                701 #SUGAR      ~Carbohydrate Simple
jlpicard   ttyp3      12320              1,403 NC-C1701    ~RESIN 
lblair     ttyp7      12320    w         2,456 #WATER      ~Dihydrogen Oxide    
qthe       ttypa      12320              1,052 *MEK-001    ~METHYLETHYLKETONE
zcooper    ttyp4      11210              1,754 #IRON-X     ~Iron Oxide - Rust


We look forward to discussing LOX with you in further detail, as well as any other issues specific to your business needs.
For more information please feel free to contact us


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